We organized an evening event for an American company at a congress in Vienna for customer consulting.

Slowly they show off. Question: “How long it will take?”

Also the bus already waits for some time.

After all participants were brought to the Kennedy Bridge by the bus, also for the Americans it was valid:

“Waiting for the tram”

There we go! It is coming.

quickly get into, the train is leaving . . .

there is a seat for everyone, also not common . . .

“Someone has to come yet?”

. . . and the tram yet speeds on the “Ring” into the dusk . . .

. . . the passengers were provided with food and drinks during the journey.

. . . a tour guide told this and that about the different sights

. . . till to terminal Grinzing

. . . a small sidewalk through the “Heurigengasse” in Grinzing

. . . of course with music

. . . with an neat “Heurigenbuffet”

.. . . and a evening in convivial setting should sound like.

The guests were naturally driven to their hotels with the bus again.


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