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Our projects

WKO ISH Frankfurt 2019
Testo Bauen & Energie Wien 2018
System Provider Nintendo Switch Event 2017
Swisscom Tiko E-World Essen 2019
Sanyou & Wanja Relays european utility Week Wien 2018
Saj Intersolar München 2018
Papageno Touristik Ferienmesse Wien 2017
Hexagon Intertool Wien 2016
Heimdall Hausbau & Energiesparen Tulln 2017
Evotion Design & Health Wien 2017
Eliq European Utility Week Wien 2018
BFI Hofburg Wien 2017
Baumit Energiesparmesse Wels 2019
Avelin Electrify Europe Wien 2018
WKO Cebit 2015
Testo - energiesparmesse Wels 2015

The Testo company pulled out all the stops at this year's energy saving trade fair by winning over the former politician and news anchor Josef Broukal for its trade fair appearance. Mr. Broukal personally presented the new products from Testo and of course this had to be celebrated with a completely renewed exhibition stand concept. The photos speak for themselves!!

Murexin - Bau München 2015
Guardi - Bauen & Energie Wien 2015

Guardi one of our new customers, more than 60 booths are planned for 2015/16. The trade fair appearance at the Bauen & Energie in Vienna was the first result of our cooperation.

Furtenbach - GIFA Düsseldorf 2015

Without a doubt one of our personal highlights for the trade fair year 2015: The Furtenbach stand at the GIFA in Düsseldorf in cooperation with the agency "Wahrheit". The interior of a V8 combustion engine served as inspiration here!

Fenglu - Bau München 2015

International cooperation was necessary here. The Chinese trade fair construction company Vedexpo commissioned us to present the company Fenglu in Germany accordingly. The result was more than satisfactory for everyone involved.

Planning and concept: Vedexpo

Emotive - Shopping Mall Landstraße 2015

We were able to support the British agency Emotive with a very special project. The aim was to draw the attention of mall visitors to the dangers of liver carcinoma using the motion-sensitive Kinect camera and with the help of augmented reality mall visitors. The decorative advertising took care of the graphic implementation and construction of the stand.

Baumit - Bauen & Energie 2014 Messe Wien

On behalf of the "Wahrheit" agency, Baumit aimed for a clear and product-related trade fair appearance.

To achieve this goal, two solid pylons were designed to imitate a house facade. These were subsequently coated with various in-house plaster types by Baumit. Planning and concept: Agency truth

BFI - Personal Austria Wien 2013

An open exhibition stand was designed for our long-standing customer BFI. The focus here is on the gigantic book, as well as the cozy atmosphere that was achieved by the seating area specially designed for this project.

BSH - Futura Salzburg 2009

The companies Bosch, Siemens and Neff were able to present their household appliances to the specialist audience on an area of 500m2. The outstanding features of this stand are the backlit sphere in the center of the stand and the floor stand with various meeting rooms.

Fachhochschule - Wien - Best 2014 Stadthalle Wien

Also a long-standing customer, the stand of the Vienna University of Applied Sciences is one of the highlights of the job and study fair in the Wiener Stadthalle every year.

Firma Glynwed - Diverse Messen

A few impressions of the exhibition stands that we are planning for Glynwed.

Weidwerk Verlag - Hohe Jagd Salzburg 2014

Wedwerkverlag is one of our oldest customers. Here the booth at the Hohe Jagd in Salzburg 2014.

Firma Legrand - Bauen und Energie 2014 Wien

In the spring of 2014, we organized a roadshow for the Legrand company at numerous trade fairs throughout Austria. Here are some pictures of the booth in Vienna.

Wirtschaftskammer Österreich - London Wine Fair 2014

Every year we construct the trade fair appearance for the WKO at the wine fair in London. Special features of this stand: it consists entirely of wine crates. Planning and concept: Frötscher X Prader architecture office.

Münze Österreich - Gewinnmesse 2013

The eye-catcher of the 2013 prize fair, for the valuable coins in the display cases, security even had to be called in overnight.

Murexin - Domotex Hannover 2014

Another result of our good cooperation with the truth agency. This time an overturned ski hut for the Murexin company. Of course, with so many alpine swarms, a real Tyrolean hit band could not be missing. Planning and concept: Agency truth

Sanotechnik Bauprofi

Not only rental exhibition stands are our profession, for the company Sanotechnik we realized, for example, the realignment of their product department in the Bauprofi DIY store near Berndorf.