There are thousands of reasons to celebrate a legendary festival.

The Stage

Show & Eventdesign - The stage

Once the principal plays in a band himself, we have with certainty the required experience to provide you a stage according to your whishes. Together with our partner companies we can offer from platform, over sound- and light-systems right up to diverse multimedia-elements and anything beyond. What`s not existing yet, will be designed and built summarily!

Naturally we also have the proper technicians by the hand therewith everything will appear in the right light and tone.

If requested we record and edit the event right up to the finished DVD, so that your customers or employees will get a permanent memory.

The Event

Show & Eventdesign - The evnet

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of Deko Werbung we organized our own event at the “Werft Korneuburg”, virtually as a baptism by fire.

Show & Eventdesign - The evnet

Therefore we had rebuilt the whole hall and lobby according to our own needs and had equipped it with our own plus borrowed chattels.

Show & Eventdesign - The evnet

That the stage had to play all the “pieces” is explained by demand which the principal has. Moreover shortly three bands played at that evening, which does not made the task even lighter.

Show & Eventdesign - The evnet

After the festival lasted certainly a whole evening (actually the whole night, the final guests went about five o`clock in the morning), we also took care of the respective catering.

Show & Eventdesign - The evnet

Oh well, there were nor a horde of Harleys, which drove through the hall...